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How this works:

  • Select how many of each type of TCGO code you wish to purchase, prices vary depending on quantity and type
  • Make Payment
  • Print your codes. (Instantly)
    • The codes display in text and QR Barcode form on your screen once payment has been completed. No waiting, ever.
    • You will receive an e-mail of the codes as well.
    • You can display the barcodes on your cell phone one at a time to quick scan them into the game!
  • Redeem your codes on the Pokémon TCGO web site (again, not affiliated with us.)
There is a minimum purchase of $5.00.
You may purchase a maximum of 60 codes at this time.
Want Redeem for:  Description
of 60 Primal Clash TCGO Code at $0.79 ea. Valid for 1 Primal Clash booster pack.
of 60 Phantom Forces TCGO Code at $0.69 ea. Redeem for 1 Phantom Forces booster Pack
of 60 Furious Fists TCGO Code at $0.69 ea. 1 Pack of Furious Fists
of 60 FlashFire TCGO Code at $0.45 ea. Good for 1 Flashfire Booster Pack
of 60 XY TCGO Code at $0.45 ea. Redeem for 1 pack of xy.
of 60 Legendary Treasures TCGO Code at $0.59 ea. This will unlock 1 pack of Legendary Treasures.
of 60 Plasma Blast TCGO Code at $0.79 ea. Redeem for one pack of Plasma Blast!
of 60 Emerging Powers TCGO Code at $0.79 ea. Redeem for 1 pack of Emerging Powers
of 14 Double Crisis TCGO Code at $4.99 ea. Good for 4 Double Crisis packs and a coin.
of 60 Dark Explorers TCGO Code at $0.99 ea. Redeem for 1 Dark Explorers Pack
of 60 Next Destinies TCGO Code at $0.99 ea. Redeems for 1 Next Destinies Pack
of 60 Dragons Exalted TCGO Code at $0.99 ea. Redeems for 1 Dragons Exalted Pack
of 60 Plasma Storm TCGO Code at $0.99 ea. Good for 1 Plasma Storm Pack
of 60 Random Whatever TCGO Code at $0.49 ea. These are from my codes for stuff program, whatever people send me. They could be packs, ex's, decks, league promos, etc.
of 2 Kyurem Ex TCGO Code at $0.99 ea. Kyurem Ex Promo from Tin. Frozen Wings, Hail Blizzard
of 10 Reshiram EX TCGO Code at $0.99 ea. Reshiram EX Promo from tin
of 11 Random Deck TCGO Code at $4.95 ea. These codes unlock 1 random pre-constructed deck. They're great for new players.
of 1 Groudon Sleeves + TCGO Code at $3.99 ea. You receive Groudon Sleeves and Deck box, no packs or cards. xy Primal Clash Elite Trainer Box: Primal Groudon
of 60 Keldeo Ex Tin TCGO Code at $5.95 ea. Keldeo Ex and Meoletta promo cards
of 27 Black Kyurem ex Tin TCGO Code at $1.95 ea. This is the code for the Black Kyurem ex from the tin
of 4 White Kyurem Ex TCGO Code at $1.95 ea. This is the code from the White Kyurem Ex Tins. You get 1 White Kyurem ex and 1 promo Meoletta
of 60 Kyogre Tin TCGO Code at $9.99 ea. Legends of Hoenn Tin: Kyogre - Gives an entire Kyogre EX precon deck with 2 Kyogre EX, plus supporters, energy, etc. and a Kyogre deck box
of 60 Groudon Tin TCGO Code at $9.99 ea. Legends of Hoenn Tin: Groudon - Gives an entire precon deck with 2x Groudon ex, supporters, trainers, energy etc plus a Groudon Deck Box
of 5 Deoxys Ex Tin TCGO Code at $4.50 ea. This unlocks the Deoxys Ex from the Collector Tin.
of 60 Xerneas EX TCGO Code at $1.49 ea. From the Xerneas Tin
of 52 Charizard Ex XY17 TCGO Code at $0.99 ea. Charizard EX Promo - Mega Ascension attack - we think, these are going away.
of 60 Charizard Ex XY29 TCGO Code at $0.99 ea. Redeems for Charizard EX xy29, Stoke attack, Says EX Power Trio In: on Card.
of 60 Delphox EX TCGO Code at $2.95 ea. Redeem for 1 Promo Delphox Ex XY19 with Wonder Flare and Psybeam
of 59 Chesnaught EX TCGO Code at $2.95 ea. Redeem for 1 Chesnaught EX promo card from the Tin
of 60 Venusaur Ex XY28 TCGO Code at $2.95 ea. Redeem for Venusaur ex xy28, Poison Powder attack
of 60 Blastoise Ex XY30 TCGO Code at $2.95 ea. Redeem for 1 Blastoise EX xy30, Rapid Spin Attack
of 60 Random League TCGO Code at $0.39 ea. These are random codes from the Pokemon Leagues. Good for getting energy.
of 14 Battle City TCGO Code at $0.99 ea. This code gives you 1 Battle City promo and a Mewtwo toy figure to hold for the online game.

Professor-Oak.com is not affiliated with Pokémon international, or Nintendo Inc.
we are not endorsed by Pokémon international.

* You must supply your e-mail each time you wish to make a purchase in the Preferred Buyers Club, but you will only be required to validate the e-mail once. We don't pester you with e-mails or share your e-mail with anyone else. From time to time we may send you special offers and improvements in the program.

We accept Pay Pal or Credit Card for Instant Codes.
Credit cards must be from a verifiable address. Sorry, gift cards are not accepted.


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