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$0.03 Good for 1 pack of Ancient Origins (XY07)
$0.99 Redeem for 1 pack of Black and White - The Base BW01 Set, not any Black and White set.
$0.10 Redeems for 1 pack of Boundaries Crossed (BW07)
$0.03 Redeems for 1 BreakPoint pack (XY09)
$0.03 Redeem for 1 BreakThrough (XY08)TGCO Booster pack.
$0.03 Good for one pack of Burning Shadows.
$0.03 1 Celestial Storm Pack
$0.05 Provides 1 digital code for Champions Path. The following Pokemon code cards may be found: Charizard V, Charizard VMAX, Gardevoir VMAX, Alcremie VMAX, Lucario V, Wailord V, Duraludon V, Galarian Obstagoon, Professor's Research, Marnie, Great Ball, Strange Canned Food, and more!
$0.03 Good for 1 Digital Crimson Invasion Pack
$0.20 Redeem for 1 Dark Explorers Pack (BW05)
$0.05 Receive 1 Darkness Ablaze ptcgo Pokemon code that provides a digital booster pack of Darkness Ablaze.
$0.03 Redeem for a Detective Pikachu digital pokemon code.
$1.15 Good for 1 Double Crisis packs and a coin.
$0.05 You get 11 Cards from the Dragon's Majesty collection packs
$0.10 Redeems for 1 Dragons Exalted Pack
$0.10 Redeem for 1 pack of Emerging Powers (BW02)
$0.03 Good for 1 Evolutions booster pack XY
$0.03 Good for 1 Fates Collide Booster Pack (XY10)
$0.05 Good for 1 Flashfire (XY02) Booster Pack
$0.03 Receive one pack of Forbidden Light.
$0.05 1 Pack of Furious Fists (XY03)
$0.03 Redeem for 1 Pack of Guardians Rising
$0.05 1 Hidden fates pack
$0.30 This will unlock 1 pack of Legendary Treasures. (BW11)
$0.05 1 Pack of Lost Thunder
$0.20 Redeems for 1 Next Destinies Pack (BW04)
$0.25 Redeem for 1 Noble Victories Pack (BW03)
$0.03 Redeem for 1 Phantom Forces (XY04) booster Pack
$0.30 Redeem for one pack of Plasma Blast! (BW10)
$0.35 Redeem for 1 Plasma Freeze BW09
$0.10 Redeem for 1 Plasma Storm Pack (BW08)
$0.03 Valid for 1 Primal Clash XY05 booster pack.
$0.02 These are a new random assortment of codes (packs, decks, ex). We mix in some higher value codes also to keep it interesting.
$0.05 Receive 1 Rebel Clash code that provides a digital booster pack of Rebel Clash for the online Pokemon trading card game.
$0.03 Redeemable for 1 Roaring Skies XY06 booster pack
$0.05 Good for 1 Digital Shining Legends Booster Pack
$0.03 Redeem for 1 Steam Siege booster pack.
$0.03 Good for 1 Sun and Moon Pack
$0.05 1 Pack of Sword and Shield.
$0.20 1 Team Up Booster pack,
$0.03 Good for one Ultra Prism booster pack.
$0.07 You get 1 Unified Minds booster pack,
$0.03 Redeem for 1 pack of xy. (XY01)


$0.05 You get the Alolan Marowak SM187
$0.25 You get Blastoise GX SM189, possibly a Blastoise Coin
$0.05 Charizard GX SM195 from Pikachu Detective
$0.10 Gives you: Holo Charmander Charmeleon, Full Art Charizard GX, Charizard Coin
$0.20 Copperajah V: Adamantine Press (90) During your opponent's next turn, this Pokemon takes 30 less damage from attacks (after applying Weakness and Resistance). Wrack Down (180)
$0.10 Greninja GX SM197 Case File Pikachu Detective
$0.50 You Get Jolteon GX SM 173
$0.10 You get the Kangaskhan GX SM188
$0.10 You get Kommo-o GX SM71
$0.10 You Get 1 Lucario GX SM100
$0.05 You get Lycanroc-GX SM14
$0.10 You get Tag Team Magikarp Wailord GX
$0.10 Jolteon EX 28A, M LucarioE EX, ZYGARD M Manectric
$0.50 Melmetal GX
$0.05 MewTwo EX XY183 Photon Wave,Psyburn
$0.05 Mewtwo GX SM196 from Detective Pikachu
$0.10 Primarina-GX SM39 Promo Popplio Holo 39/149 Brionne Holo 40/149
$0.07 A random EX Card, usually from the older sets. There may be multiples of the same EX given.
$0.10 You Get Salamence GX with Dragon Lift, Salamence SM140 and possibly a Salamence coin.
$0.10 1 Scizor EX 76/122 from Breakpoint.
$0.05 You get 1 SM50 Shiny Tapu Koko GX
$0.10 You get Steelix EX and others including Crobat with Surprise Bite
$0.40 Provides: 2 Dedenne-GX 2 Boss's Order 2 Quick Ball 2 Pokemon Communication Giant Hearth Many More Trainers and useful cards
$0.05 You Get Tsareena GX SM56 with Side Eye, Jumping Side Kick and Queen's Command GX
$0.10 Umbreon GX Full Art SM36 + Espeon GX 61/149
$0.50 you get Vaporeon GX SM172
$0.10 You get Dragon's Majesty White Kyurem GX SM 141 with Dragon Nova GX and Kyurem SM141 and possibly a Kyurem Coin.


$0.10 You get Arcanine Break XY180 Mandibuzz Break XY182, and Crobat Break XY181
$0.50 You get the evolution pack and promo from Cosmic Evolution - this code gives no packs.
$0.50 1 of the 4 Darkness Ablaze Promos with signature stamp Several other Pokemon cards. This code does not include any PTCGO Booster Packs.
$0.03 You get Giratina XY 184 with Devour Light
$0.10 Includes: x4 Reverse Holo Jumpluff Foil Promo Card Lost Thunder Deck Box
$0.10 Includes: One of 4 Promos: Raikou, Suicune, Giratina, Tapu Lele 22 Total "Evolution Kit" Cards
$0.05 Includes: Mythical Genesect XY119 Mythical Genesect Pokémon Card Sleeves 2 10-card Generations Booster Packs
$0.10 You receive Keldeo XY118, two Generations Packs and may include sleeves
$0.07 These are random codes from the Pokemon TCG Leagues. They tend to be mostly the same thing but are good for getting energy and some trainers.
$0.10 You get a random promo and supporter card, no boosters.
$0.50 You get an evolution pack of cards and one of four promos. No packs.
$0.50 Unbroken Bonds build and Battle kit
$0.75 You get a promo card and cards from the Unified Minds set. You do not get any packs.


$0.05 You get a full 60 card deck with 2 Tapu Bulu GX SM32- check to see if this is banned before you buy.
$0.10 Usually good decks, with prominent cards. Should give at least 1 EX card. Which Battle Arena or Legendary deck you get is random.
$0.10 Blaziken Ex Preconstructed Deck, Deck box, Pyroar x2 Blaziken Ex x2, + full deck
$0.05 You get the Tin Deck featuring Charizard GX SM211
$0.50 You Get Eevee Snorlax Tag Team SM 169 and a complete deck that is not a Theme Deck, also includes full art Brox Grit.
$0.05 You get a 60 card deck with 2 copies of Tapu Koko GX SM33 - Check to see if this is banned before you buy.
$0.40 This PTCGO code redeems the Forest Shadow theme deck
$0.05 You get a Tin deck with Gyarados GX SM212
$0.40 You get the contents of the Hidden Moon theme deck.
$0.25 NOt really sure, assuming Jolteon GX SM173 and other cards to make a deck
$0.05 YOu get Two Keldeo EX 49/149, Two Rayquaza EX 85/124 Plus all the supporters, trainers and energy.
$0.15 You receive a complete them deck Eon Pulse with 2 Latios EX XY72, and a Latios Deck box.
$0.05 Includes 2 Full Art Lunala EX
$0.10 Four Amed Fury: Machamp EX XY 108 x2 in a 60 Card Precon Deck with Vespiqueen
$0.25 Shadow Strike Deck
$0.05 Pikachu Libre Deck (Swift Current)
$0.05 You get the Tin Deck with Raichu GX SM 213
$0.10 Rainbow Team Theme deck featuring Xerneas EX XY149
$0.05 These codes unlock 1 random pre-constructed deck. Not guaranteed to be precon format - some decks may have been banned. :-(
$0.10 Sceptile Ex Preconstructed Deck, Deck box, Sceptile EX x 2 plus full deck contents.
$0.10 Solar Wing Theme Deck, include 2 copies of full art Solgaleo EX
$0.75 You get the contents of the Steel Sun Theme deck
$0.10 Swampert EX Preconstructed Deck, Swampert Deck Box, Swampert EX x2 + full deck
$0.10 You receive the Thunder's Crash bundle pack, which gets you the 60 card deck and a Pikachu themed deck box.


$0.05 Provides the following: Deck box, Sleeves, Basic energies Note: This Pokemon TCG Online code does not include Booster packs!
$0.03 You get energy, Naganadel EX SM125 and Naganadel Art Sleeves and deck box.
$0.03 You get Necrozma Sleeves and Box
$0.03 You get 1 Shining Ho-Oh, which is a really cool card, plus Ho-Oh sleeves and deck box
$0.03 Zerkrom and Pikachu sleeves and deck box, as well as the new basic energy design
$0.03 You get a bunch of basic energy and Ultra Necrozma Sleeves and Deck box
$0.03 Charizard Reshiram sleeves most likely.
$0.03 You get the unified minds Digital Sleeves.