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Scan your codes on iPad or Iphone!

Sell your unused TCGO Codes for Credit, PayPal or cool stuff.

Please note: We will not process more then 500 codes per day from any one source.

In these pages, you will scan your TCGO Codes to Professor-Oak using an external USB camera.

  1. Separate your codes according to the type. The type is printed on the front of the card, however, the older cards will have different backs instead.
    • Codes for Stuff - If you are scanning codes to trade us in the Codes For Stuff program, then do not separate the codes before scanning them.
  2. Codes that say "Unlocks 1 Deck" - should all be scanned together as "Random Deck" under the Promo Category.
  3. Before you begin scanning, you must be logged into your Professor Oak account.
  4. We will not make a combined PayPal payment for under $1.00 - we will issue credit instead. So yes, you can select PayPal for a few codes of a particular set, as long as the total of all your codes exceeds $1.00 you'll be fine, and honestly, why do I even have to explain that?
  5. Allow up to two business days for processing, thank you.

Tips on scanning your codes.

  • Codes scan best when flat to the camera, not tipped at an angle.
  • Codes scan best when well lit, with no shadows.
  • How to scan with a laptop camera
  • The Coffee Cup Method for external cameras, (best!)
  • If you are scanning codes for Trade Credit then please try and scan 20-100 codes per batch. Nothing annoys us quite so much as people scanning 1 code at a time. :-(


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