Tips for confused parents. Getting to know your Pokémon Cards.

Hi, we're thrilled that you are interested in selling us your cards. However, We are very picky about the quality of the cards we accept, so first rule: If you don't collect trading cards-of any kind-and somehow came into posession of a Pokemon card collection, then stop here. It is highly unlikely the cards are worth sending to us.

You have two options to proceed, the easy way and the hard way.

The Easy Way:
Box up your cards and ship them to us. We'll open the open the package, see that you didn't follow the instructions, send you a polite email declining your offer and return them to you. Most of the packages we receive are sent this way. This takes about 4-6 weeks depending on your location and results in disappointment and angry feedback.

However: If you have lots of cards from EX Ruby Sapphire, EX SandStorm, EX Fire Red Leaf Green, Skyridge, Expedition, Aquapolis, Dragon, Team Magma Team Aqua, Hidden Legends or other EX Sets prior to Crystal Guardians, then email us and we'll talk.

The Hard Way:

There are 4 steps to selling your cards.

  • Inspect
  • Select
  • Protect
  • Get Paid

Step 1: Inspect.

Get your cards naked. Take them out of the binder, out of their sleeves, put them under a bright light and look at them. Look a the front. Look at the back. Inspect every single card. Look for creases, dirt scratches where the foil shows through, and white chips on the back edges.
If you see these marks, we probably won't want that card.
We are a premium Pokémon card site, our customers won't accept damaged cards and neither do we.

Step 2: Select.

Search throughout our database for your cards to see how many we want to buy and our offer price. Add the cards that we want to buy, and that you want to sell, to your package. Repeat until satisfied, and then proceed through checkout.

We only accept English and Japanese cards. Our database is not 100%, many Japanese promo cards are not listed and we do not accept Japanese cards past the Neo sets.

Step 3: Protect.

Cards are damaged by rubbing against each other, rubbing against hard surfaces, or by having hard objects pressed into them.
To prevent this, we use fresh, clean, soft sleeves on every other card. The outside of a new sleeve will not scratch a card any more than the inside will because...
We wrap the cards in stacks of 50 in sheets of plain printer paper, and put a sticker on the folded ends. This prevents the cards from moving during shipment.
We usually put 1 card in soft sleeve inside a hard case before we wrap the bundle. This prevents the cards from being folded or creased by the weight of other packages put on top of it by the mail service.
Finally, we put the bundles in a bubble padded mailer envelope.

Anyway, that's how we've been doing it for the past 20 years, how you do it is up to you, but again, often results in disappointment and wasted time.

Cards shipped to us in plain white envelopes or 9-sleeve binder pages will be refused. Period.

Yes, you pay the shipping to get your cards to us.

Office supply stores carry padded mailers, and so do US Post Offices. We strongly recommend using tracking on the package, and we don't mind signing for packages either.

Step 4: Get Paid.

When checking out, you can select to be paid by Check, PayPal or store credit. If you're asked for a credit card or PayPal login, then you are in the "Buying Cards from Professor Oak" section, which is why the prices were so good eh?
When we receive your cards, we will inspect them. Cards that do not meet our standards will be refused returned at our expense. If you send us a huge stack of cards and the first ten or so are all damaged then we will refuse and return all of them all without bothering to check the rest.

After we have inspected your cards and accepted them, you will be notified by email and then paid. There is usually a stack of packages at any given time waiting to be processed, so give us a couple days after the tracking has notified you that the package is here, but if it gets much later than that please contact us.