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Tips for confused parents. Getting to know your Pokémon Cards.


Tips for confused parents - getting to know the cards.

Sets legal for competitive play.

  HeartGold SoulSilver   HS Unleashed
  HS Undaunted Triumphant HS Triumphant
Call of LegendsCall of Legends Call of Legends Black and White
Call of LegendsEmerging Powers Call of LegendsNoble Victories


All Pokémon Sets
  Aquapolis   Arceus
  Base   Base 2
  Black & White   Boundaries Crossed
  Call of Legends   Code Cards
  Crystal Guardians   Dark Explorers
  Delta Species   Deoxys
  Diamond and Pearl   Dragon
  Dragon Frontiers   Dragon Vault
  Dragons Exalted   E-Series 1
  E-Series 2   Emerald
  Emerging Powers   Energy
  Expedition   Fire Red Leaf Green
  Flashfire   Fossil
  Great Encounters   Gym Challenge
  Gym Heroes   HeartGold-SoulSilver
  Hidden Legends   Holon Phantoms
  HS Triumphant   HS Undaunted
  HS Unleashed   Jungle
  Legend Maker   Legendary Collection
  Legendary Treasures   Legends Awakened
  Majestic Dawn   Mysterious Treasures
  Neo Destiny   Neo Discovery
  Neo Genesis   Neo Revelation
  Next Destinies   Noble Victories
  OP League   OP Series 1
  OP Series 2   OP Series 3
  OP Series 4   OP Series 5
  OP Series 6   OP Series 7
  OP Series 8   OP Series 9
  Plasma Blast   Plasma Freeze
  Plasma Storm   Platinum
  Power Keepers   Promotional
  Rising Rivals   Ruby Sapphire
  Sandstorm   Secret Wonders
  Skyridge   Southern Islands
  Stormfront   Supreme Victors
  Team Aqua Team Magma   Team Rocket
  Team Rocket Returns   Trainer Deck Singles
  Unseen Forces   Vending Machine