Selling your cards

Selling your cards.



We Don't accept counterfeit cards.

If you paid $1.00 for the booster pack at a flee market or dollar store - they're fake.
Another really quick way to spot fake cards is to look for spelling errors on the card.

We want mint cards only.

See below on how to grade your cards. Cards with dents, scratches and alterations will be returned.

Ship the cards safely. (How to:)

Follow these instructions for safe transport!

  • Use sleeves, thin penny sleeves - that come in packs of 100 - are best.
  • Bundle the cards in a sheet of paper (no rubber bands!) Generally bundles of 50 cards or less are best.
  • Don't send loose cards!
  • Use a bubble envelope.
Terms and Conditions:
  • Packages that are sent to us without prior approval through this process will be returned unopened.
  • Cards that are sent to us that are not included on the packing list will be kept at our discretion
  • Cards that are not in acceptable condition based solely on our judgment will be returned at our expense, no compensation or credit will be given for those cards and the indicated amount will be deducted from the total compensation.
  • We are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail, or damage done to the package or contents in transit.
  • When your package arrives, an email will be sent indicating the status of the order, which cards were accepted, which were missing, and the total payment that will be made.
  • Payment can be made in the form of store credit, a check or money transfer to a PayPal account. You are responsible for any PayPal transaction fees.
  • Store credit is associated with a specific email address. Do not give out your password to anyone.

Grading your cards

Examine the card in reflected light. Front and Back.

The card should be look clean and flat. Some curl for foil cards is allowed.

Only a minute amount of edge wear is acceptable. Deoxys foils sometimes come with the foil showing around the edges straight from the packs.
Look at a card brand new out of a pack - that's what we, and our customers want.

The examples below show cards that we would not accept.
Keep in mind, these are exaggerated examples.

Look for:

edge wear
Binder Marks

Please don't ever do this to your cards.
(The edge has been touched up with a marker.)

Here is a video showing how to tell if your cards are mint.

Know you cards!

If you are selling me base set cards, make sure you know what you have!

Here is a video showing the difference between the base set printings. Useful if you are selling me Shadowless base set cards.

Base: Base Set comes in three varieties. 1st Edition, Borderless and Unlimited. Base set does not have a set symbol. All other sets do.

1st Edition: This is the 1st edition symbol, usually on the left edge of the card, and on the bottom for trainers.

Shadowless: You will notice, the right border has no shadow. For trainers, the bottom of the card reads: (C) 1995, 96, 98,99 Nintendo...

Unlimited: Everything else.


Base 2: Base 2 Cards have this symbol on them: - they are not the same! Many cards from Jungle and Base were reprinted in Base2.